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Radio Frequency Test Fixtures

Precise contacting and shielded, non-reflective measurement

The RF exchangeable kits stand out due to outstanding shielding attenuation in the frequency range up to 6 GHz, and act as RF-compatible shielding from outside interference for the highly-sensitive RF PCBs.

The signals to be transferred are transmitted from the PCB outwards to the test system using an EM-compatible RF chamber.
The contacting of the RF series is primarily carried out using geometrically-aligned RF test probes for signal transmission with as little reflection and loss as possible.
Customising with absorbers is available for creating a radio network inside the chamber.

Upon request, we will customise any of our test fixtures according to project-specific requirements for you. Regardless of which application you have to test, INGUN offers you the suitable test solution. Additionally, you will profit from our 44 years of test experience.



  • Shielded, non-reflective measurement of high frequency signals
  • Outstanding shielding attenuation frequency domain up to 6 GHz
  • RF-compatible shielding for RF PCBs
  • Quick-exchange system
  • Can be changed without tools, or post-adjustment
    RF test fixture
    Example image

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