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e-type® test probes have a higher preload in comparison to standard test probes.
This initial higher spring force guarantees a secure contact at the same final load (the spring force is equal to that of the comparable standard test probe at working stroke).

E-type® test high-energy Probes enable the highest contact security on the PCB/UUT without additional stress.
When contacting on the test surface, up to a 100% higher spring force is available, which is achieved by the increased spring pre-load of the e-type® probes.

During the working stroke, however, the e-type® probes have the same spring force as standard test probes. The additional contact energy gained ensures a contact area between the test probe and the PCB which is up to 25% larger.

INGUN e-type® probes are supplied in all current grid sizes (50, 75, 100 Mil), and are compatible with the standard GKS-050/075/100/422 series.

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