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How the right testing technology helps to save lives

By providing specialised test solutions for the medical technology field, INGUN supports manufacturers in this demanding industry to achieve the highest product quality and reliability. The test probes and test fixtures used ensure the functional safety of electrical and electronic components and efficient testing processes - complemented by consulting and service worldwide.

The production of medical technology is subject to increased technical requirements and obligations to provide evidence. This is not only in terms of the functionality and safety of products and devices, but also involves the detailed documentation of the production process. As soon as electrical and electronic components are to be used in medical technology systems, they must also be reliably tested for their functionality. Examples of complex products developed in this field include ventilators and defibrillators. The electronics installed in these devices must not fail under any circumstances, as these are potentially life-saving and are therefore particularly safety-critical systems which place high demands on the testing technology used. INGUN supplies the medical technology industry with high quality, precise, durable - and therefore cost-effective - test fixtures. All test probes and test fixtures are Made in Germany; they meet the highest requirements both mechanically and electronically as they provide consistently stable measured values and have a long service life.

Testing current and signal transmission efficiently and reliably

Spring-loaded test probes from the GKS-364 series, for example, are used for testing respirators and for contacting PCB conductor tracks and solder eyelets. A so-called short-stroke contact probe is 29 mm long, has a very compact design, and combines low installation height with high spring force. The steel probe also has a round (passive), nickel-plated plunger tip. This avoids puncture points and which damage the DUT. The GKS-364 probes can be used in a wide temperature range from -100 °C to +200 °C.

Another version of the short-stroke test probes are solderable probes from the GKS-913 series, which are also used for reliable, precise contacting of complete assemblies. When soldering, it is essential to ensure that the test probe does not overheat in order to avoid damage to the spring inside. The GKS-913 is just 15.1 mm long and also uses a round plunger tip – in this case gold-plated - to avoid damaging expensive medical equipment.

In addition to their compact design and durability, the spring loaded test probes (GKS) presented here have the following characteristics which make their use particularly advantageous:

  • Height and tolerance compensation
  • Compensation of misalignment and unevenness
  • Hard-wearing in applications with vibrations
  • High conductivity
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Depending on the design and application scenario, the probes can be used with receptacles, which enables quick replacement of worn probes. To automate the testing process of printed circuit boards, tape and reel packaging is also possible.

Modularly design test fixture systems

In addition to the spring-loaded test probes, INGUN test fixtures are also used in medical technology: for example the exchangeable fixtures from the MA 21xx series, with which a parallel contact stroke can be manually generated. These systems are particularly suitable for FCT and ICT tests in series production with medium quantities and a high diversity of versions. They offer high contact forces of up to 2000 N and have a life span of about 500,000 load cycles (under laboratory conditions).
The integrated exchangeable kit system allows the quick removal and reinstallation of the exchangeable kits without the need for tools or readjustment. All test fixtures in the MA 21xx series are available with or without internal interfaces. INGUN offers a wide range of interface blocks for reliable signal transmission. In addition, test fixtures can be individualised and customised in many different ways thanks to a sophisticated modular system, allowing them to be adapted to specific testing requirements.
True of both test fixtures and test probes: Thanks to many years of experience in testing even sensitive products, INGUN is able to support OEMs in medical technology with tailor-made, highly precise, efficient solutions. This is due to the unsurpassed portfolio of test equipment, as well as the ability to act as a development partner and provide individual solutions according to customer requirements. Not least of all, intensive technical consultation and worldwide service ensure that even the most demanding projects are handled efficiently and successfully.


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