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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the entire company.

We pursue the goal of being a reliable partner for both test equipment and sophisticated testing strategies worldwide. We offer excellent quality products and services, which always take environmental aspects and safe working conditions for our employees into consideration.


Since its founding, many things have changed at INGUN. However, our values have remained the same.

innovation - precision - quality -  competence

One tradition we are proud of, and live daily by following our motto, is our Quality through Precision. As a healthy, family-run company, we are not only aware of our economic goals, we also ensure that our daily business is socially and environmentally sustainable.


Solutions for tomorrow’s market.

INGUN is a globally successful company due to its innovation, quality and reliability. Increasingly challenging
testing demands require us to constantly develop our products, further innovative ideas and continually introduce
new products.

Thanks to our in-house innovation department, INGUN stays one step ahead of these demands. Experienced engineers
develop both customer-orientated product concepts and cost-effective optimisations. We think of original test solutions and strike new paths, turning today’s vision into tomorrow’s reality.


We are committed to being responsible for our future and our community. During all stages of production, from our turning department to final assembly, we at INGUN value the art of engineering and precision Made in Germany. We develop, produce and sell innovative, high-quality products and solutions – always based on the needs of our customers in an ever-changing market.

Thanks to our courage to pursue our innovative visions, the commitment of our employees, and our love of detail, we will also enjoy success in tomorrow’s world.

Beyond the company, the owners - the Karl family – are actively engaged in the Lake of Constance region. Not only do they take part in sporting events, they are also active in social and artistic cultural circles.

INGUN success story is over 45 years old – not only in a corporate sense, but also in a social sense.


INGUN PhilosophieWe build trust through personal relationships which are based on mutual value, respect and tolerance. We wish to enter forward-thinking, market-oriented partnerships with our customers, partners, and employees who achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Several customer relationships last many, many years and are characterised by an open dialogue. We listen to our customers very carefully, identify their needs and therefore are able to offer competitive, innovative solutions.


We live in a constantly changing society, which brings a variety of increasingly more complex challenges. Issues such as resource scarcity, uncertain economic perspectives, and responsibility to consumers concern us on a daily basis. As an independent, family-run business, INGUN wants to take a stance on integrating the corporate, environmental, and social aspects of business. Our products have always been and will Made in Germany, so rest assured we will also maintain our standards for you.






We are proud to live an open and transparent corporate culture. For us, leadership means empowering employees, encouraging diversity and creativity, so that every employee can use their skills to their full potential. We would like employees in our company to actively help to not only shape, but also to value mutual trust for a profitable partnership. Only people who feel at ease in their place of work give their very best, of that we are convinced.

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