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Wolfgang Karl

Chairman of the BoardWolfgang Karl Aufsichtsratvorsitzender

Wolfgang Karl was a banker when he founded “INGenieur UNion” (engineer union) as a trading company for electronic components in Constance, Germany in 1971 together with Werner H. Heilmann. As the manager, Wolfgang Karl laid solid foundations for what is today a global company.

Thanks to an extraordinary boom in the electronics industry in the 1970s, he was in the middle of the Zeitgeist and due to his commercial skills he recognized a trend which persists today. Wolfgang Karl lives according to the motto “Live, and let live” and cares for partnerships with suppliers in a way which reflected this philosophy. In short, Wolfgang Karl developed INGUN from a seven-man company to the number one in test technology in keeping with his favourite quote “Where I am, is ahead”. In the year 2007 he appointed his son, Armin Karl, as CEO and has ensured the ongoing success of INGUN as the Chairman of the Board since then.


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