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Michael Eisele

General Management Michael Eisele CTO 
Quality, controlling, HSE, commissioning, building management

Michael Eisele joined the German test equipment experts in 1991 as a mechanical engineering technician. His extraordinary feel for innovative production processes, comprehensive technical know-how, and the ability to link the two led to him being appointed to management in 1993.

Michael Eisele thinks outside the box and represents innovation, quality and their continual further development. He began as a designer, then became the department leader of the spring-loaded test probe department, thus embodying a meaningful link between the various technical departments at INGUN.

His working style reflects his favourite quote “Everything will be ok in the end, and if it's not ok it's not the end” (Oscar Wilde). He is a person who is never satisfied with what he has already achieved, and is someone who is always looking to the next improvement step. Thanks to him and his hard work, INGUN will continue to be successful.


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