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Jochen Müller

General ManagementJochen Müller COO
Responsible for operational business (production, innovation, sales, IT, HR)

After completing his degree in Business Administration and brief stint in the world of financial economics, Jochen Müller worked as a strategic consultant for almost 10 years.

At the start of 2012, Jochen Müller switched to industry where he managed the commercial headquarters of INGUN as a Management Board member. Since 2019, Jochen Müller has also been responsible for the technical divisions and thereby INGUN’s entire operative business. His ability to cut to the chase means he is constantly working on INGUN’s future success. In particular, his approach - “Those who cease to improve, cease to be good” (Philip Rosenthal) - gives him the additional incentive to drive the global company forward.

With Jochen Müller on board,  the Constance-based company has a strategist who, with INGUN's unique company culture and promising perspectives in the electronics industry, keeps the test equipment specialist on the right track.


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