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Armin Karl

CEO / OwnerArmin Karl Owner
Finance & Controlling, Quality Management

From an early age Armin Karl, son the chairman of the board Wolfgang Karl, was integrated into the company. Initially he learned the ropes while working in several part-time and holiday jobs when he was at school and university, before graduating with a Business Administration degree in 1994. This set him on the right track to take over as the INGUN CEO in 2007.

Mr Armin Karl perpetuates the INGUN success story.

By founding several subsidiaries all over the world, the company embraces global challenges. Furthermore, Mr Karl consistently invests in the Constance production location, and in both existing and new employees. Consequently INGUN have more than doubled their staff since 2007.

Strictly adhering to the motto “I invest only as much as I can take responsibility for” Armin Karl brought INGUN to the forefront of the leading test-equipment specialists as a company completely independent from banks. His responsible approach means he continually keeps an eye on the future. Thanks to the enormous responsibility he feels towards his employees, he has the reputation as one of the best employers in the region.

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