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INGUN philosophySustainability and corporate social responsibility are long-term factors for success and drivers of innovation.

To do business in a socially and environmentally responsible way, companies need to use resources economically. INGUN aim to combine optimal product quality with effective environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.

Return of used test probes and receptacles
INGUN offers a disposal and recycling service for your used test probes and receptacles. They will be recycled in an environmentally sound way by a refining company.
This contributes to the raw material gold being actively conserved to help protect the environment. However, it must be ensured that no non-INGUN parts are found within the batch to be disposed of. Please contact us on +49 7531 81050 or for more information. 



Please find below the environmental guidelines INGUN follows below.

Environment Compliance StatementINGUN Environment Compliance Statement

We are happy to send you our INGUN Environment Compliance Statement. For further information, please call us on +49 7531 81050 or send an email to


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